Opening Lecture

Wilfried Schwab, Technical University of Munich, Freising-Weihenstephan, DE
Transcriptional and metabolite profiling analyses uncover novel genes essential for polyphenol accumulation

Chemistry and Physicochemistry

Dirk Hoelscher, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena, DE
Analytical techniques for the cellular-specific detection of polyphenolic compounds

Victor Freitas, University of Porto, PT
Revisiting wine polyphenols chemistry in relation to their sensorial characteristics

Biosynthesis, Genetics & Metabolic Engineering

Brenda Winkel, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, US
The secret life of enzymes: an unexpected role for chalcone synthase in the nucleus

Andrew Allan, The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research, NZ
Anthocyanin over-accumulation is controlled by many layers of regulation

Roles in Plants and Ecosystems

Frederic Bourgaud, UMR INPL-INRA, FR
Polyphenolic compounds from plantroots, state-of-the-art and beyond

Food, Nutrition and Health

Christine Morand, INRA, Human Nutrition Unit-UMR 1019, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
Polyphenols and vascular health: Demonstration of the role of flavanones in the vascular protective effects of citrus fruits

Aedin Cassidy, University of East-Anglia, UK
Anthocyanins and cardiometabolic health

Applied Polyphenolics

Phillip B Messersmith, University of California, Berkeley, US
Multifunctional Polyphenol Derived Surface Coatings: Inspiration from Mussels, Tea, Wine and Chocolate

John Ralph, University of Wisconsin, US
Designing Lignins for Deconstruction

Closing Lecture

Sho Ohno, Kyoto University, Kyoto, JP
The mystery of black dahlia: Chemical, biochemical and biological aspects