Authors, who's abstract has been accepted by the scientific committee, are asked to prepare a manuscript of the scientific contribution. These collected manuscripts will be printed as Book of Abstracts and will be handed out at the conference to every participant.

To obtain a uniform layout, we ask to to observe the following guidelines (we suggest you use our Word-template as starting point for your manuscript):


The manuscript must contain the following parts:

  • Manuscript header, with

    • Ttitle of the contribution
    • Authors with full first and family names (do not use abbreviations)
    • Affiliations

  • Main conclusion of about 2 sentences
  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results and Discussions
  • References
  • Acknowledgment (if needed)


Page sizeA4 (297x210mm), manuscript must include exactly two pages
Margins25mm on all sides
Font typeTimes New Roman and Symbol, do not use any other font
1 line: Titlecentered, 12 points, bold capital letters
2 line: Authorscentered, 12 points, presenting author must be underlined, the corresponding author must be indicated by an asterisk, the email address goes into the foot notes
3 line: Affiliationcentered, 12 points, in case of different affiliations of the authors please specify with superscript a, b, c, etc.
Main text:left and right justified, 12 points, vertical space between paragraphs: 6 points
Headings within the main text:12 points, bold capital letters
Figures and tables good quality, located within the text (please bear in mind that abstracts are printed in black&white, and the page size will be reduced to 71%) A description should be placed beyond the element with a font size of 10pt
References10 points, placed in square brackets [1, 2, ...] in the text and cited at the second page of the abstract
Acknowledgment10 points